Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Arabs support Obama: the revenge history is sending them

During the last three years, people in Arab region propagated a rumor claiming that both of the tow black stars; Thierry Henry the French footballer, and Well Smith the Hollywood actor Converted to Islam.

The wide-spread rumor was warmly welcomed by people who felt honored to feel that their religion is desired by famous and beloved people like Henry and Smith. This was considered a little victory facing the cultural invasion, globalization, and defeat.

Images of black westerns trigger warmth, Hope and closeness within Arabs, so you can understand their conciseness or unconsciousness supporting for Obama.

IN the Arab world in general and Egypt in particular, the most populated country in the region, it is believed that Barak Obama would be the best choice to put an end to the historical conflicts in the region. He should be the man we have been waiting for a long time.

Most of Arabs and Muslims, which is possible to consider Egypt represent their point of view imagine that since Obama has Islamic roots, he might tackle the Middle East issues differently. Based on the grounds of common religion they hope he would be sympathetic and cooperative. Even after declaring he is Christian and his name enjoys Jewish roots, he remains the best choice in the eyes of the Arabs.

In my opinion many explanations may be made for the Arab support of the democratic candidate, but the majority of these explanations are related to the Arab viewing Obama as an equal.

We believe that since historically Obama and his ancestors were done injustice because of slavery and segregation, he would recognize the anger, frustration and feeling of injustice Arab and the Muslims have been feeling for decades.

"The anger is real; it is powerful; and to simply wish it away. To condemn it without understanding its roots, only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding." Obama said in a speech last March reflecting his intention towards the region

Ahmed Elkamhawy , a student in the Germany university in Cairo, was setting up a page on the Facebook in favor of Barak Obama. "Obama's features Are familiar. His face looks like ARAB faces. His skin is dark like a lot of Egyptians. This makes him more acceptable than the white John McCain, who represents an extension of the Bush administration we all hate" he told me.

Some people in Egypt believe that McCain's military background could lead him to bomb Iran and Syria, since such A solution or behavior would be near to his thoughts and strategy .It seems easy For a man fought in Vietnam and became accustomed with THE atmosphere of wars to Adopt war at any time. Assisting factors would be belonging to the same party which launched war in Iraq and Afghanistan and being an extension to bush's administration.

McCain was known for fighting against torture, which added so much respect to his image especially in Egypt where torture by the ministry of interior affairs is widespread. Now he is the republican candidate whose party launched the war against Iraq and pictured Arabs and Muslims as terrorists who should either be occupied or killed without mercy.

On the contrary, Obama doesn’t have the same military approach in managing issues. IN addition he promised AN honorable withdrawal from Iraq presenting a solution that can satisfy the majority.

The experiment of Arab and Muslims with (American white presidents) the white man was tense, uncomfortable. ON the other hand, there is a candidate to feel our historical pain with USA, a candidate carrying in his blood the same pain, candidate called Barak Obama, and may be the next president of USA.

In the collective Arab mentality McCain reflects the image of military dictators who came to authority by a coup d'état most of the time. Arabs still suffer from such rulers like Hosni Mubarak the latest heritage of July revolution. Mubarak,80 years, is the Egyptian president who has reigned the most populated Middle Eastern country for over 27 years after al-Sadat assassination in 1981,who was one of July revolution member).

So some Arab believes that Obama is the best since he is someone else is not McCain!

Being different than all previous American presidents and candidates Obama is the image of hope and change, while McCain with his piercing eyes and fair skin is reminiscent of unpleasant memories of the past or signs of the present.

So Obama's age has a strong impact. He is IN HIS forties, reflecting many dreams of today's Arab political youth: the ability to acquire authority monopolized by the elder generations for too long a time.

Demographic studies of the Arab region show that youth shape most of population. This may explain the popularity of the currently jailed EGYPTIAN opposition figure Ayman Nour Who IS 44 years old.


Anonymous said...

Muslims love Obama the same way they loved Saddam despite Saddam used to slaughter 1000 of them everyday.

I think it's the ugliest image of racism and fanaticism, when you fall in love with the one who torture you cuz he have the same beliefs you have and hate your savior just cuz he believe in different things.

Anonymous said...

an egyptian, im trying very hard to find even a distant correlation concerning the frivolous analogy you have just posited?

how on earth does a harvard educated, liberal senator from illinois relate to a megalomaniac like saddam? or are you just throwing it out there for the sake of sensationalism?