Saturday, May 16, 2009


When we used to tell people that we're 8 Egyptian bloggers in the United States blogging the campaigns and the elections they all found it really awesome. And Most people asked us the most asked question an American would ask an Egyptian coming to blog the elections:

"Do people in the Middle East/Islamic/Arab World hate us?"

And 'NO' I answered every time.

We don't hate you. Peoples of the third world have been colonized, invaded, and exploited enough times to know how it feels like not to be represented by their government. And most people trust that Bush did not represent the American people. However, we put the responsibility, not the blame, on the American people to use the power that they have to make changes that would help bring peace and prosperity to the region...

And thus Obama won,

Will the man of hope people voted for bring truth to his prophecy?

Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Darfur, are all proximal hot spots in need of cooling. And thus Egypt's role comes as very momentous as this coincides with the first time Mubarak visits the US since 2004 and the issues Egypt's role is currently facing regionally. It will all roll out in the coming days.

To choose Cairo as a podium to address the Muslim World sheds light on the status of Egypt's influence and strategic importance. (I would just like to take this chance and point out that Egypt existed before there was even religion) Plus it puts a lot of weight on the anticipated hearty speech.

Is this the beginning of a dodge in US foreign policy?

meen 3aref? rabenna kebeer....

Will there be street banners saying "Awlad El 7ag Manzalawy bel Sharabeya yora7ebo belrayes Baraka 7ussein"?? hanshoof

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