Sunday, November 2, 2008


This post is just to inform y'all that the Nebraska team, consisted of the 'shentle' Mahmoud Saber and my humble self are going on a road trip to De Moines in the great state of Iowa today. Obama was just there yesterday rallying tens of thousands of his supporters in the purple state. Des Moines is about 3 hours away from Lincoln by car... The angellic journalist, Rhonda Roumani will drive us there where we'll meet with people from both parties and maybe check out some early voting precincts.

Which us good luck! Hopefully we'll bring back some cool coverage for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

i hope The angelic journalist/ Rhonda Roumani acts make you accept&respect America.

Miral said...

AN EGYPTIAN - Your comments are lethargic and lack meaning and purpose. I accept and respect Americans, but in order to do that I must be able to respect and accept who I am first. And in order for me to give your comments any more attention I must feel that you're a self respecting person and not a self hating one. that will be all the effort I am willing to spend answering anymore of your comments on this esteemed blog.

Anonymous said...

if my comments are lethargic and lack meaning and purpose, why you respond to it?