Thursday, September 11, 2008

Columbia University blogs Obama and McCain

Okay, so they get to have Obama and McCain visiting them ad all, while the closest we got to the candidates was seeing Ron Paul and Ralf Nader by coincidence yesterday, but screw them. Our blog is still better.

But in case you wanna read their blog, you traitorous shweinhund you, go there. Just don't leave comments, unless they are "Egypt Blogs America (hopefully "Donkeys, Elephants and Crocs" soon, right Sufia?) kicks your momma's ass". Who needs Ivy League education anyway except fools, pretentious people and, like, communists? You a commie pinko America-hater? No? Then prove it by commenting here, or like, the terrorists will win or something.


ticknad said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm are there producers involved?

Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Egypt.

tedders said...

Ralph Nader? He's my hero, if you see him again please thank him for taking those 542+ votes from Gore in Florida in 2000! What a guy!

Did Ron Paul have his tin foil hat on in public? Just wondering! =D

Tantor said...

I'll be damned if I let the terrorists win. Comment made.

Worthy Oriental Gentleman said...

Who needs an Ivy League education? These guys apparently. No article should begin with the detestable "Power players."

This lead (lede to you wannabe journalist insiders) sentence is awful. MAYBE OK for TV news. The kind of broadcast that gives you a headache and makes you hate the media:

Power players from the world of politics, development, and Hollywood came together at Columbia University Thursday night to hear Barack Obama and John McCain take a day off the campaign trail to present their mutual support of volunteer service.

I'll pay $35,000 a year to give that person an education in journalism so he's not unleashed on the public as is.

Nice photo of the "teeming masses" (puke --- since when do the teeming masses go to Columbia?) though.