Friday, September 12, 2008


Democrat feminists who supported Hillary Clinton just because she's a woman are bitter and turned against Obama and the Democratic Party... Not to mention that they're now ferociously fighting for Palin also just because she's a woman.

They forgot that a big part of the hindrance of women's liberation is attributed to the women who embed the status quo.



The Critic said...

I don't understand why yo're surprised! That is normal, because the americans choose their candidates on different basis. Basis that are not related to the country's best interest, but rather on personal interests and ideas.

Miral said...

I know, but this specific group are hardcore feminists who've always been democrats and not republicans. And they're now supporting a right wing conservative woman, who's against gun control, abortion, gays, and who thinks to win the Iraq war is a mission from God. How can they support her? she's against everything they believe in! But just because she has a vagina they would support her? isn't this being sexist? isn't this discrimination? This is what I call Blind Feminism

ticknad said...

just because of their selfish hedging for hilary 2012, they want to send us to hell in a hand basket. four years with Mcain & Marry Poppins is a very high price to pay, just to make bubba first gentleman. Yes ladies we all know it wasn't Barry's turn but lets regroup, disband PUMA (Party Unity My A**) and move on.

Angad said...

Bollywood <3 Obama even if some Hillbots don't:

Anonymous said...

Could you explain how you see voting Obama, or whoever the Democratic candidate, to office will change the status quo?

And separately from the question above: What about McKinney/Clemente duo? They are both women and liberal.

Tantor said...


The hardcore feminists, who are quasi-socialist, are not supporting Palin. The upsurge in female support is coming from heretofore indifferent housewives and apolitical working women.