Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As if this election isn't enough of a TV show drama, McCain throws in a TWIST!

Tactically, it's smart. It breaks the Obama momentum, and takes the leadership initiative on the issue. But let's face it. It's a gimmick. McCain will debate, but he will come back, appearing to work for the country, and will change the format of the debate at the last minute to the economy instead of foreign policy, throwing a wrench in Obama's preparation for the debate. Plus, if they work something out, McCain gets credit, they don;t work something out, McCain will lambast Obama for not coming with him and making it work. It's cynical, dirty and politics at its best.



Anonymous said...

with all do respect mr monkey,

mccain’s hail marry pass is not grounds for biatificatin. but a cheap ploy to divert attention, now that the bloom is no longer on his arctic rose. please stop using hannity and limbaugh’s marching orders slash talking points as your unique form of analysis!

A right wing masri/atheist very cute------our very own chris hitchens, your mommy must be proud :)

zeinab said...

Haha, props to Pax machina.

I love you monkey(fo-evah)!

But on a more serious note, I think McCaine is being ridiculous and, it seems, dishonest. Postpone the debate? I mean, really.