Monday, September 22, 2008

Help Feed Sarah Bernhard

She is a fifth rate comedian who used to be something in the 80's and needs some publicity and money. So she went off and insulted Palin, calling her a turncoat Bitch and hoped she gets gang-raped by black brothers in New York. Cause that's what other women wish on women who disagree with them: Rape!

But I digress, she needs the work, people. And that's why she urges people to send the video to everybody. And she did say that the rape thing is part of "a larger nuanced argument". Cause there is a lot of nuance into wishing women to get raped.

God I love US politics and the freaks it unleashes!


Marie said...

Hey, Sandmonkey, that is Sandra, not Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Americans if didn't deal with the problem called leftists now, they will have to deal with it in the hard way later.