Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dampened Optimism

One thing I like about the U.S is the political talk shows. Mixing humor and ridicule with politics seems like a natural evolution of analysis, some things just have to be scoffed at publically. Recently, of course, Sarah Palin expectedly played right into that trap. And when that happens sometimes you see America at its best: it is a torrent of merciless, relentless, provocative, ironic, sarcastic, continuous criticism. And more than anything else: its entertaining.

I realised yesterday when I was watching Bill Maher's show that I take some things for granted about America. Sure you can say whatever you want on T.V here, I know that. But every once in a while i have to remind myself that this is the potential vice president we're talking about and if McCain gets voted, everyone will know its OK to call the vice president a "moron". I find it difficult to size up these things sometimes. Sure, we all called Bush a dumbass, but what sort of change did that bring about, he seemed to do whatever he wanted to anyways. American democracy is entirely self serving. And at what it does, perhaps it meets that end. And I guess theoretically any regime or political structure is not supposed to be anything other than self serving. but the trick with the u.s is that its decisions somehow affects three quarters of the rest of the worlds population. so what do I, living in an authoratitive regime thats "friendly" gain knowing that Palin is publically mocked and insulted, when whatever US government that does come in power has no real interest in changing the status quo where Im from? If anything it will directly involve in maintaining it, particularly in Egypt. Is it enough for me to gain satisfaction just from knowing that somewhere out there on god's green earth populations can crucify their leaders? Well. somehow its refreshing to watch. but its also frustrating because directly and indirectly, subversively, openly, covertly, legitimately and illicitly, whatever moron or dirtbag, or whatever hero, will have an influencing hand in the conditions of my country and my politics ultimately playing a role in deeming me yet again, another battling spectator.

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