Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heard in America

" I'm a democrat but I will not vote at all or I will vote for McCaine because Obama supports man marrying man and woman marrying woman"

Middle aged Hispanic woman, selling burritos in front of the Time&Life building.

" Why would I want an average, everyday American as vice president of the United States?"

Asian American corporate lawyer, self identified socialist, mid 30s, buying shish Kabab off a stand in front of Radio City.

" I am one election away from moving to Canada"

Young gay man at a bar in D.C. near Capitol Hill

" Abortion, gay marriage, religion, those are not important issues. I don't agree with them, but any one can do anything in America. The important things are the economy and Iraq. That's why I'm voting for Obama."

Egyptian street food seller, in front of Time&Life building

" And y'all are laughing?"

Girl in Harlem after me and EgyDiva humorously explained to her that in Egypt we've had the same president for 25 years.

" We will continue to hunt down America's enemies."

Republican senator, the Senate, 9/11, as we watched from the press gallery

You can't write this stuff, small town hockey mom turned mayor in Alaska now the vice presidential candidate. In our industry we have artists. Artists like beautiful things. They vote for the democrats."

Alec Baldwin in Time Magazine's 10 questions session which we helped set up for.


a.d said...

great effort

Diasporic said...

"la vache qui rit" has been there for 27 not 25

zeinab said...

25, 27-does it really make a difference?

EgyDiva said...

great post!!!

DFS said...

My favorite post so far, the girl in harlem and the guy who's moving to canada say it all :D

MauserMedic said...

In all seriousness, no one is keeping those that want to leave here against their will. Those of us who would like to have a greater degree of personal income and responsibility for ourselves are willing to stay here. For those opposed to that, there's no shortage of nations and societies willing to structure their lives in detail.

As far as Alec Baldwin goes, I believe he promised to leave once before, and failed to deliver. And those "beautiful things" he and his lot are so enamored of: they only occur when enough the commoners have worked enough to raise the economy up to where there's a surplus of time and wealth to put into extras. Which they're able to buy because those same people spend their earned income on entertainment.

Lose all the actors, and you're inconvenienced. Lose the sewer plant operators and you're screwed.

zeinab said...

Good point. I don't think Americans who are serious about change should threaten to leave the country. Then again, they should also not be asked to pack up and find a nice socialist state by those who don't agree with their idea of change, don't you think?