Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shout out to North Carolina

Ever since EgyDiva and I have been in North Carolina we have been amazed at how nice, kind and helpful people have been. Southern American kindness and hospitality are nothing like I've ever seen, and I think It's contagious: EgyDiva and I have become considerably nicer people since we've been here. I'm still a city girl and New York and Seattle are probably the only places I would live in America, but the folks here are mighty nice and I'm just a darned sucker for the South!


Vivian said...

You sound like me about Egypt and Egyptians! But I have to agree with you about NC - it's my second home after Cairo. And I'm a native American Southerner who lived outside the south for too long before moving to Egypt.

zeinab said...

From NC to Egypt huh? Quite a move! But it's good to know that there are nice people everywhere.