Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Passing on the Bush Legacy

Few presidents have been as openly, consistently and relentlessly ridiculed and mocked as George Bush (the 2000 edition). Few world leaders are regarded so commonly as a below average, inarticulate, even, idiotic. incoherent.
fewer presidents still, or none at all to my knowledge, have had calendars dedicated to the stupid statements they stutter, or websites to aggregate their abudance of blunders.

Now, one must wonder, after Palin's repetitive and retarded recklessness in responding to recognizably predicatble inquiries, after her utterly unbelivably ignorance about unusually common questions, after russia, after the Bush doctrine- or lack thereof-, after the "ill find some and get back to ya" one must wonder: is American making a trend of voting for leaders whose misquotes and inaccuracy, incompetence and incoherence are enough to fill 365 pages of the calendar EVERY year?? Are the publishers and producers of the anti-george "Bushisms" propaganda in such a panic at the dwindling of their source of idiotic inarticulations, that they scheduled interviews on CBS and with Katie Courik just to secure the "Palinisms" of 2009? If Sarah Palin was indeed, beneath that hot pink blazer, smart enough to be regurgatating all those impossibly ignorant and nonsensical narratives as part of an intense comic business plan, i might consider being mildly impressed with her I.Q and accede that it does narrowly surpass that of a red brick thrown at the side of a dirty sidewalk somewhere in the rain.

And since we're so caught up with polls in light of the elections perhaps I can get your opinion on something regarding impressions about Sarah Palin. Clearly, you should Only proceed with his poll if you do actually agree that Sarah Palin is incoherent and a fumbling nincompoop:

Does Sarah Palin know that she's legging it and bullshitting, or DOES she actually think she's making any sort of coherent sense resembling any thing close to actual substance?

We will tally the votes.


zeinab said...

I will assume that she is smart enough to at least know that she's not qualified but is simply too intoxicated by the perfume of power to care.

Or so I hope. If she actually thinks she can pull this thing off, then America really has something to worry about.

Ghafari said...

أظنها لو كانت تنفع حاكمة لولاية تانيه غير الاسكا المتطرفة على اخر حدود امريكا من الناحية التانيه لكنا شفناها من زمان في مكان تاني

للأسف، هذه امراة يبدو انها لا تعرف عن شئ شيئا بالاضافة الى انه ملامح شخصيتها ومظهرها العام غير مريح منذ ان سمعت انها اختيرت كنائبة للمرشح الجمهوري!

لنا الله ان فازت هي ورئيسها!!!