Monday, September 15, 2008

Exclusive - White House Suspicious Purse

هذا الفيديو حصريا من واشنطون دي سي

الشرطة تخلي محيط البيت الأبيض بسبب حقيبة مشبوهة
This is a video I shot myself on Saturday
I was by the White House when I noticed a purse lying on a bench in Lafayette
The police did not take notice until an hour later
Then I started shooting this video


Tantor said...

Since Sep 11, the security around the White House has been beefed up considerably. There have been bomb scares there about one out five times I have visited. It's always trash left behind by careless tourists. Usually paper bags, once a box, once a backpack. The White House is an obvious target for Muslim terrorists who would love to kill a few American tourists. In this way, Islam degrades the quality of our lives another degree.

Wael Abbas said...

it is not islam to blame here
it is some people's own understanding and interpretetion of islam