Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Links on the economic crisis

Palin defends McCain on the Economic crisis quote, and helps explain what he meant. Now, Hero, I know you ain't the economics guy, but when Barracuda - she who never took a single economic theory class- defends you, maybe it's time you get yourself an adderal prescription and some books. Just saying!

Bush is assuring world leaders that his efforts of instituting corporate socialism is under way, and that the 700 billion dollars he is doling out of tax-payers money to help failing financial institution will be spent regardless, because, like, what's 700 billion dollars in the big scheme of things anyway?

There is a short-selling ban at the moment for a number of companies and it includes GM and GE, in order to stop regular people from abusing the current economic situation to make money, stating that such abuse is usually reserved to his friends only. Come on people, it's a market correction and thus we are all fucked, let's all make money here.

And finally, Obama seems to be gaining in the polls thanks to the economic crisis, which I guess is supposed to make his supporters happy. Good on you Obama, you get the presidency of a debt-laden government and a failed economy. You sure you still want this?

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